propertydebtdivisionWhen couples divorce, it can be complicated to divide the marital assets when it is difficult to determine the value of each asset. One example is the issue of passive and/or active contributions one spouse made to the professional career of the other. If one spouse managed child care and home care so the other spouse could carry on a successful professional career, or if one spouse contributed to the education or career training of the other spouse, there should be some recognition of that effort.

The skilled New York property division attorneys at Rosenwasser Law, PC have extensive experience resolving disputes related to the proper valuation and equitable distribution of marital assets. Whenever necessary, our law firm also collaborates with credible experts in business appraisal and accounting professionals who can testify to the value of complex assets such as:

  • 401(k)s and other retirement accounts
  • Primary homes, vacation homes, and investment properties
  • Vested stock interests
  • Business interests
  • Deferred compensation packages
  • Art and other valuable collections

Sometimes, disputes arise regarding the ownership of the property and whether it was acquired prior to or during the marriage. There is also the complex matter of how to assign debt in divorce such as credit card debt, home foreclosures, tax arrearages, and other types of debt accumulated during the marriage.

Equitable Does Not Mean Equal.

Mistakes that are made during the division of marital property and debt can be difficult, if not impossible, to correct. To ensure that you receive the assets you are entitled to, contact us to arrange a private consultation with our Orange County marital property division attorneys. Our lawyers will take the time to understand your concerns, explain your legal rights and the possible outcome of your case.