personalinjuryclientimageRosenwasser Law, PC is here to assist its clients through potentially life-changing crises. We help you restore and ensure quality of life, and achieve fair and appropriate results when you are injured in an accident.

We understand the tactics that insurance company lawyers will use to attempt to reduce or refuse your rightful claims for compensation. Don’t try to navigate that adversarial system alone; put our effective legal strategies to work for you, and receive the settlement you deserve.

We are also skilled negotiators, which often allows us to obtain positive outcomes for our clients without encountering the delays and expenses that can come with drawn out court proceedings.

No matter your individual circumstances, timeliness can make all the difference in proving your claim. Prompt investigations and preserving evidence are paramount.

We represent clients in many types of personal injury cases, including:


We invite you to contact us so we can assess the details of your case, share possible outcomes, and discuss your legal rights and options for legal action. Arrange your personal consultation, email us today.

Personal Injury cases are accepted on a contingency-fee basis. You pay nothing unless we recover a settlement.