highassetequitabledistributionThe lawyers at the Hudson Valley matrimonial law firm of Rosenwasser Law, PC are particularly skilled and experienced with the litigation of complex marital estate distribution issues involving family business assets, vacation homes or real property investment interests, executive compensation packages, including stock options, or other forms of marital property.

For more information about what we can achieve for you in the valuation and division of complex marital estates, contact the divorce valuation attorneys at Rosenwasser Law, PC.

Our experienced divorce attorney, former Orange County Court Judge Stewart Rosenwasser, will take the time to analyze all of your marital assets and identify which elements of the marital estate require expert appraisal or valuation. Where necessary, we can also investigate the possibility that your spouse has been concealing assets from you, or manipulating family investments or business properties in efforts to minimize their value for purposes of the divorce settlement.

Our sophisticated approach to asset identification and valuation issues in divorce cases can make a substantial difference for you in dividing the marital estate, in establishing the amount of spousal support, and in securing the appropriate level of child support obligations.

If an appropriate agreement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to go to court to protect the value of your marital assets, such as situations where spouse threatens to suspend or reduce operation of a family business.

The lawyers of Rosenwasser Law, PC combine a thorough understanding of New York matrimonial law with the practical ability to effectively present crucial facts on your behalf, both in court and in settlement discussions with our opponents.

Our experience and familiarity with the local matrimonial attorneys and courts can help us achieve the best possible outcome in your case. Contact Rosenwasser Law, PC and discuss your divorce situation with us in confidence.