divorceinvolvingprofessionalsDivorces involving one or more spouses engaged in a license profession present special challenges for the parties. What is the value of a divorcing spouse’s New York license to trade investment securities, practice law, sell real estate, or provide psychiatric advice? In many such cases, negotiating or litigating the equitable distribution of the marital estate, spousal support payments, or child support obligations will not include the proper valuation of a spouse’s professional license.

Contact the skilled Hudson Valley marital settlement attorneys at Rosenwasser Law, PC if you or your divorcing spouse is a New York State licensed professional. We know how to develop and present expert evidence regarding the marital asset value of any professional license or practice. We will use this information to work towards a fair marital settlement.

If a New York State professional practice or license represents a significant component of your marital estate, contact the Orange County equitable distribution attorneys of Rosenwasser Law, PC. We provide our clients sound advice and will develop an effective legal strategy tailored to your divorce or spousal support situation.

If you or your spouse is a physician, stockbroker, realtor, attorney, teacher, school principal, dentist, registered nurse, or even a massage therapist, we know how to approach your case and identify the proper license valuation techniques to protect your interests, regardless of which party holds the professional license involved.

Working with carefully selected forensic experts from the relevant profession, we analyze income trends, market conditions, specialty certifications, and actual earnings data to ensure that an accurate appraisal of the value of the professional license is established. Our attorneys use this appraisal to represent your interests in both settlement negotiations and in Family Court proceedings.

This assessment represents your best assurance that the equitable distribution of your marital estate, together with child and spousal support obligations, will accurately reflect the true value of the marital assets.