childsupportspousalsupportIn New York, the child support guidelines are statutory, and the judges use a predetermined set of factors to assess the child support that will be paid by one spouse to the other; usually the non-custodial parent pays the custodial parent a weekly or monthly payment. However, that can change if custody is shared. There are also different financial circumstances that warrant a deviation from the guidelines such as an excessive combined parental income. In that type of case, a needs analysis would be conducted, and the results would be the basis for the child support agreement.

When a couple divorces, the financial circumstances change and may lead one ex-spouse to support the other for a certain period of time. Spousal support can range from temporary relief to permanent, and there are many factors involved in making the determination of spousal support, including the needs, the capabilities, and the ages of the spouses, as well as the length of the marriage.

There are additional elements that can be important to consider when determining spousal support and child support. We consider every client and his or her case to be unique, and the best way for you to understand your options is to contact us, so we can arrange a private meeting for you with one of our attorneys.

Our Orange County spousal and child support attorneys have extensive experience representing clients who are seeking spousal support and child support, as well as those who are disputing these issues. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of parents to obtain modifications to child support, and we have successfully obtained compensation from ex-spouses who were in contempt of their court-ordered child support.

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