childcustodyvisitationDetermining child custody can be a significant source of anxiety for parents who are divorcing. However, custody of a minor child can also be at stake if a parent dies, becomes incapacitated or incarcerated, or is judged to be unfit.

Our child custody lawyers understand the legal and emotional difficulties that can be associated with child custody cases. With more than 30 years of experience resolving family law cases, our attorneys recognize that every custody case is unique. We listen closely to our clients’ needs, and create solutions that will address their circumstances.

There are many types of custody and many issues that can affect custody. Our experienced New York family law attorneys have resolved a wide range of custody cases — from simple to complex and/or contentious. Sometimes, our clients just need advice regarding the type of custody that is most appropriate for their situation, or their current agreement requires modification, due to a change in circumstances. Other times, we must pursue a termination of parental rights due to a situation involving a parent who is judged to be unfit, or in the case of a stepparent adoption.

Whenever possible, our attorneys attempt to negotiate family law matters. This can save our clients the time and expense that can be associated with litigation, and it can preserve the family relationships that usually continue throughout the child’s lifetime. However, when litigation is unavoidable, we do not hesitate to aggressively protect the rights and the best interests of our clients and their children. Oftentimes, our thorough preparation leads to a pretrial settlement, as other attorneys are aware of and unwilling to take on our firm’s track record of success when litigating custody cases.

To discuss your child custody case, please contact us, so we can arrange a private meeting for you with one of our skilled lawyers. You will have an opportunity to learn about your legal rights and your options.

For your convenience, our Orange County child custody attorneys accept evening and weekend appointments.